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God Is Real.

There Is Proof.

Learn more about scientifically documented miracles and hear personal stories people have shared with me.

A group of cartoon people.
35% Of Americans report having personally experienced a miracle.

According To A Poll By CNBC in 1999

NDE experience
17% Of people who nearly die have reported having a near-death experience (NDE).

Read The Numerous Peer-Reviewed Studies Published By The NIH

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1,200 Miracles investigated by the Vatican are recognized as authentic supernatural events.

Read The Reporting On

Shroud of Turin
The Shroud of Turin truly does come from the time of Christ, according to several tests done in the past decade.

According To Tests Done by The University of Padua

Miracle of the Sun
An estimated 70,000 people witnessed the “Miracle of the Sun” in Fatima Portugal in 1917.

Read The Reporting On

Marian Shrine in Lourdes
70 Scientifically investigated and inexplicable miraculous healings at the Marian Shrine in Lourdes France.

Watch The CBS News 60 Minutes Investigative Report

God’s existence is proven empirically through research on near-death experiences and miraculous healings at religious sites. 9 million people worldwide are believed to have experienced NDE’s and 7,000 miraculous healings have been reported at the Lourdes Marian Shrine alone, 70+ of which have been confirmed miraculous by a panel of secular medical professionals. Additionally, 35% of American’s polled by CNBC in 1999 claimed to have experienced a miracle.

The arguments against God’s existence hinge on the fact that the Biblical stories are too fantastic to believe, but people like me who have personally witnessed miracles do not find them so hard to believe. On this website, you will find a multitude of miracle stories people have shared with me over the years of promoting my own story. Never be ashamed of your faith in God, because it is by this faith that we are saved by Jesus Christ. God bless.

Miracle Testimonies Shared With Me

These are some of the many stories people have shared with me over the years. Click on a story to view the full version.

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Short-Form Miracle Testimonies

Often, when people share their miracle experiences, it is not in a long-form story. Here are some of the miracle stories people have shared in the comment sections of my video and others on the web. Click on the comment below to enlarge it.

There are thousands of miracle experiences recorded and uploaded to YouTube alone. So many more are not recorded in video. If you experienced a miracle, do not be afraid to share it. God wants to save the souls of all men and women on Earth. He loves His creations, no matter how evil they seem to be. Always treat those without faith with compassion and love, because God loves them.

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