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About Us

Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed.” John 20:29

As an organization committed to God’s message through Jesus Christ we spend 100% of your donations promoting miracle stories on YouTube and other platforms.

If you have a miracle story that you would like to share with us then please email [email protected] and we may feature your story on our website.

We believe that God wants us to share our faith with those who have none. In John 20:29 Jesus says to the apostle Thomas “Because you have seen me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed”. God wants us to believe without seeing miracles. We are more blessed to believe without seeing. Our organization believes that because we have seen we can help bring faith to those who haven’t through our testimonies.

Our Mission & Purpose

Through online advertising we hope to spread awareness of the one true God and His son Jesus to the world. The potential to reach those struggling with faith through online ads has never been greater. With billions of people around the world watching YouTube videos everyday we have a great tool to share our miracle stories.

Together We Can Save Souls

God loves every single one of us and feels sorrow when a soul is lost to sin. Our immortal and loving God is grateful when is people work to save souls for him. To save even one soul for God would be worth all of the hardships to maintain and fund a project like this. Together we can save souls. Share your own miracle story or make a donation.

We Are Not For Profit

Founded in 2021, we spend 100% of donations on promoting miracle stories through online ads.

Have You Experienced A Miracle Too?

Share your story with us. Email [email protected] and we may feature your story on our website.

Read True Miracle Stories

Take a look at some miracle stories people have told us and published on our website.

Donate To Our Cause Or Share Your Miracle Story.

By making a donation you are helping spread the truth of God’s existence to people who do not believe in him. Use the donation form on this website to help fund our online advertising campaigns. 100% of your donation is going to fund these advertising campaigns.

You can also help us by sharing your own miracle stories with us. We would love to showcase your story on our website to help bring faith to the faithless. Email us at [email protected] with your miracle story to get featured.

Share Your Faith & Share Your Story

If you have a miracle story that you would like to share then please send it to [email protected] so we can review it. We will publish your story on our website to help people who struggle with faith believe when they read your story.

We are not for profit

100% of your donations go to promoting miracle stories through an online advertising format. We are committed to spreading faith and love through awareness of the one true God and His only son Jesus.

A Message From The Founder Peter Heise - Founder of

When I was a little boy I saw an angel. I believed in God then but as I was growing up it became difficult to keep the faith. All the passions of being a teenager caused me to choose to become agnostic and believe the angel I saw was only an illusion. It wasn’t until I was close to death, I was heartbroken and suicidal, that I turned back to God and was saved.

Today I feel blessed and honored to share my testimony with you. God truly is real and He loves the souls that are both near and far from Him. Sharing my testimony and encouraging others to share theirs can help bring more souls to the true God, the God of Israel through Jesus Christ. That is the mission and purpose of this organization.

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